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Rails 5.2 fetch_values for HashWithIndifferentAccess

This blog is part of our Rails 5.2 series.

Ruby 2.3 added fetch_values method to hash.

By using fetch_values we are able to get values for multiple keys in a hash.

capitals = { usa: "Washington DC",
             china: "Beijing",
             india: "New Delhi",
             australia: "Canberra" }

capitals.fetch_values(:usa, :india)
#=> ["Washington DC", "New Delhi"]

capitals.fetch_values(:usa, :spain) { |country| "N/A" }
#=> ["Washington DC", "N/A"]

Rails 5.2 introduces method fetch_values on HashWithIndifferentAccess. We'll hence be able to fetch values of multiple keys on any instance of HashWithIndifferentAccess class.

capitals =
capitals[:usa] = "Washington DC"
capitals[:china] = "Beijing"

capitals.fetch_values("usa", "china")
#=> ["Washington DC", "Beijing"]

capitals.fetch_values("usa", "spain") { |country| "N/A" }
#=> ["Washington DC", "N/A"]
Mohit Natoo in Rails 5.2
06, 2017

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