numberF Case Study

Turn your TV into a new way to experience digital art like never before

Software Development
Nov 2014 - Present

About the Project

numberF is a new startup from Washington DC which is disrupting how digital art is discovered, distributed and consumed.

Dadi Akhavan, the founder of numberF, is an avid art lover and he wants standard TVs to stream digital arts. He wants numberF to be the Netflix of the digital art world where art lovers can access digital arts using simple subscription service.

numberF Home page

Video. Art. Evolved.

The world of video art remains obscure, indecipherable and too abstract for many. numberF is trying to break the mold. It is attempting to bring the art to the common mass.

While designing the whole user experience we kept things extremely simple. User starts with a preselected featured videos and then user can choose the channels of their liking.

Artworks Collection

Collect and Play

The concept is simple. Up-and-coming artists would upload their videos to the platform. Users would select the videos of their liking and would build a collection of videos.

All the videos from collection will play in a loop. In this way whether you have a formal party or you just want to sit back and enjoy arts.

Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

No one likes when video freezes for buffering. That's why we chose "Adaptive bitrate streaming".

Developing the web application

For building the web application we used Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL. For playing video we use HTML5 and for video encoding we use zencoder.

CSS Code

Building mobile applications using React Native

We built mobile application using React Native. Traditionally companies need to build and maintain two different apps. Objective-C/Swift based app for ios and Java based app for android.

With React Native application needs to be built only in JavaScript and the same code can be used by both ios app as well as android app.

iOS Screenshots